Supported by a robot

I have been watching a few of the competition videos and I was curious how others would make the following call?

At the end of the Autonomous period or a match - If a robot is touching a star on the fence would that be considered “Supported by a Robot” awarding points to the other team? Or, does “Supported by” mean that the star should be supported (held / in possession) by a robot and merely touching the top of the star would not count.

Another example would be if the chassis of a robot in the far zone is touching a star in the near zone. How should it be scored?

If a robot is merely touching the star/cube, it is not supporting. If for example the robot is holding the star/cube, i.e. within forklift or claw. Basically if the robot were to drive back and the star either fell or stayed within the robot’s grasp it would be ‘supporting’

Has anyone thought of scoring objects supported by robots on both alliances?

That is an interesting thought. However, I think something like this would be extremely rare. I guess just score based on which side the majority of the star rests in.

This would be a similar situation to a game object touching to opposite zones - the result is null for both teams in that case.

If you want an official clarification on this situation - ask on Q&A.

I would think if the robot was moved away if the star moved it as supported by the robot. Merely touching does not seem like supporting.

if the contact points with the fence have been moved, then you are most likely supporting. So if the support polygon of the star is primarily the fence then that object would be supported by the fence.