Supported method of lower level rumble control

I was looking through the PROS documentation and the only method I saw of making the controller rumble was through pushing a string of dots and dashes (the rumble function). I would like to implement vibrations of differing intensities based on the acceleration of the robot with an accelerometer. Is making the controller vibrate a specific amount supported or even possible in PROS?

I don’t believe that’s possible, but maybe you can change the frequency of the rumbling as an alternative.

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I believe that the fastest supported update speed using rumble is once every 50ms, which is not really practical for my use. I’m really just trying to implement force feedback, as I think it would help with driving experience, and rumble really won’t let me do that.

It’s not possible to send messages to the joystick faster than every 50ms.

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I’ve actually made a similar topic about controller vibration, and I’ve been told that it sends a message for every 50MS, and while doing that it will continually rumble.

The rumbling is entirely controlled by VEXos.
PROS or any other language simply relays the string to VEXos, which refreshes every 50ms.
Also this: