Good news. My robot works. Bad news. I need supports. Any advice of where to put them? Also, I need better support on where to put the support to keep the rollers right there.20190926_171029 20190926_171024 20190926_171024

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A little confused on where you want/need supports. Would you care to elaborate so we can help you better?

I need supports anywhere it is needed for better strength. Edit: also the bar holding the intakes needs better support

I would use x bracing on the bars with your intake. Also I would probably add another side to the tower supporting the arms to better support the axle.

@James6555 what do you mean by adding another tower? Also, this is my 2nd year in vex, so I don’t get all of the terms. By x bracing do you mean c-channels or bars in an x? Or should I add a 1x3 or 1x5 channel bridging across?

By x bracing I meant two bars going across in an x screwed together in the center, but other support could be done with c-channel’s going across

By adding another tower I meant adding another vertical c-channel supporting your axle that your gear is on.

@James6555 I currently have four. 20190925_211022

Ok I didn’t see that so you should be fine on that front.

The bar holding the arms for the rollers up has very little support, and fixing that would be great. I dont have an idea for that yet though.

Another way you could x-brace a lift is to use 2 stand-offs that span the diagonal length between the two arms to form an “x”

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