Survey for VEX Students and Mentors

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Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey! It really helps us out!

Please a little more context about the purpose of this survey and questions to be asked.

How will the data be used?

I don’t want to reveal the entire purpose of the survey in order to eliminate possible sources of error, but I will say that it is in relation to a PLTW course and is approved by our teacher to conduct.

Looks like someone is trying to start a rebellion regarding the sorting of screws or lack thereof…

My cover has been compromised!

The problem with the survey regarding sorting the screws is just what do you mean by “sorting the screws”?
Do you mean sorting them by length? by size (6-32 vs 8-32)? That part of the survey should have been several more specific questions.

Sorting the screws means just that, sorting the screws in any way or fashion possible. Later in the survey (if you respond to certain questions in certain ways) it asks how you sort the screws. The intent of the question was to find out if the respondent felt they had trouble sorting their screws in whatever fashion their program uses, without trying find out the specific fashion in which they sort their screws.

Screw sorting will be easier with V5 since there will no longer be a need for a different diameter. The only thing that will matter is length.

Definitely. Just one more reason why I’m pretty excited for V5. It’s so annoying when you reach in your screw bin, grab a screw, walk over to your robot, and find out you grabbed a motor screw.

After our last sorting, we actually put all the motor screws in one tool box with all of the motor replacement gears and repair components and shaft components, and the regular screws and stand offs in a a separate tool box to help prevent that. Unfortunately, all of the segmented tubs are removable and are now scattered and shuffled throughout the room.

Can’t even answer question 1, because we are a community team, not tied to a school. The question about V5 is a partial: our U-team and one of our HS teams has V5, rest is cortex.

I answered NO to the question “Do you have trouble sorting screws?” because I was not sure of just what you meant. We don’t have a lot of difficulty sorting by length and with V5, we are not going to see the issue of sorting between 6-32 and 8-32. Therefore, the survey didn’t take me to the more detailed portion. That being said (as a teacher of Statistics), you’re survey might face some possible undercoverage.

One day I’ll probably tinker a “screw sorter” for our team to use, and even publish plans for the community. But it might not be until I retire…

For question one, just answer VEX if you are not affiliated to the school. The program part of school/program was meant to cover unaffiliated teams, but it could’ve been worded better.

enjoy the screw pun <3