Survey: High Strength Sprocket Usage

Hi Everyone,
Just out of curiosity…
Which sizes of High Strength Sprockets does your team use the most?

Please check all that apply.


Can you include the tank tread sprockets, please? Our team uses those the most since we have a ton of them

Hmm…:wink: wondering if he is going to offer them by themselves at worlds.

this .

We have trimmed down a number of the 15t tread sprockets so they’re the same width of the regular HS sprockets and are using them to get a 2.5:1 ratio.

I was thinking it would be cool if Vex had a bin wall (like the Lego pick-a-part wall) at their Worlds Store where you could buy parts by weight or volume. They wouldn’t need to have everything out; just the parts that are only available in assortment packs.

It would be a great way for teams to get exactly what they need and a good way for Vex to get feedback on what folks are hungry for.

[EDIT] I just noticed the Vex Store has a new category for “Individual Parts”. Not much there yet, but perhaps there is more coming to this category? [/EDIT]


  • Dean

I’ve found once you get over the 6 or 12 tooth gear kits you start to take up too much space, and it becomes easier to run the regualr plastic tooth gears since they are smaller and i can run the through the C and U channels.

I would bet my second and third born, that this distribution of sprocket sizes would have been quite different this time last year. With side roller intakes being in vogue for Gateway, there would have been a lot more 24 tooth sprockets in demand. This year there are more than a few horizontal conveyors being used, which might explain the prevalence of smaller size sprockets in this survey. Does make it very difficult to forecast demand from year to year. Development of a legitimate crystal ball is required!

Cheers, Paul

I don’t know about everyone else, but I voted based on which ones we’ve used most in all of our years competing. We used 6-tooth sprockets for our chain elevator lift in Round Up, and for our vertical intake in Gateway.