This is a bot i built with suspension on all wheels but i havent completed it yet. The attached pictures are of the rear suspension system with the two chains that drive the wheels. The suspension worked better then i had thought when i finish i willl post the pictures i am curently waiting for mailed parts for the bot.

Has anyone else tryed building a suspension bot?

I used the shocks from old lego kits i used to use they work well but i think vex should make more heavy duty plastic and springs in the shocks.
vex 001.jpg
vex 002.jpg
vex 003.jpg

that’s is a pretty cool robot. when do you think you will have it finished?

Hopefully i will get my parts by friday. It should be finished by saterday because most of it is done

I’m courious to know is the chain drive misaligned or is it an optical illusion? But over all I am impressed and I hope that your bot works. And I love the use of the lego shocks :slight_smile: good luck chuck.

The chain drive is not in a straight line both of them bend outward a bit, i havent had any trouble with them breaking or anything and i have hooked up a motor but on the final version i plan to use four motors to power just those back to wheels in a high speed gear ratio. There are many kinks im trying to workout with the steering and front suspension before i can finish it.

Guys and Gals I have done it and all for under 20 dollars in parts. Here is the parts listing.

  1. 1-3 ft of 3/8in AL rod avaliable at Home Depot or Lowes.
  2. 1-3 ft of 1/2in AL Hollow rod avaliable at Home Depot
  3. 1-Box of springs Avaliable at Lowes ask them where they keep the magnets at usually with the screw isle.
  4. 8 1/2in long set screws ummmmm the same type and size as the collar set screws.

Here is what you will need to build with.

Table vice or larger
Dremmell kit with various cut discs and sanding barrels the small kind and a package of bits.
tap set with a 4M0.7 tap
paper and pencil
time and paitence

Ok Here is what I did I picked out the Springs that fit inside the tube of AL that I got Then I measured them and Doubled the length. taking that measure ment i cut both the solid and hollow AL rods and sanded down the burrs. next i cut various holes into the hollow rod to make the slide pathing and the set points of the spring and travel and mounting. then proceded to make the solid rod with 2 holes through it at 90 degree angles to one another at opposite ends. put it together and this is what i have. Take a gander at the pics and let me know they are rough looking but i’m going back to my drafting table and work on a better way of doing this… may be create a 2d model and take it to a real machinest :stuck_out_tongue:
1 copy.jpg
2 copy.jpg
3 copy.jpg
4 copy.jpg
5 copy.jpg

those are really nice. :slight_smile:

i wud like to mack a robot like chuck nice one!!!:wink: :cool:

Has anyone tried to use R.C. shocks?

I personally would rather Buy them, than try to make them (due to time constraints).

What are your time restraints? If you playing in a VEX competition they are most likely ILLEGAL. If you mean to save time period, then go buy em. I’m just making sure.

Thats pretty neat. Has anyone used hydraulics for suspension on a Vex bot?

I don’t even think there are hydralics for vex. But anyways those are really cool shocks ID Miller. Do they work easily with the vex parts?

Oh, did I type hydraulics? I probably meant pnewmatics. ahh well… Mabye Vex needs some! Some magical, flawless, nonleaking and inexpensive(as well as nonexistent) hydraulics.

Sadly not. They were a bit cumbersome so they were dismanelted and tossed back into the spare parts bin awaiting a remake. But I will be posting pics of a Differential that i bought off ebay that is for a T-Maxx R’C truck. they don’t adapt easily but i managed to use my drill press and dremmel to get the job done and i will post pics to my site tomorrow of my full time AWD vex with only 1 motor. and i didn’t put a steering on it thought i would try for that later. right now current bot is a tractor rig. with two differentials in the rear for drive power being turned by 2 motors at the front of the truck like in real life. using a long shaft to get the power transfered to the back of the bot.