How could a make a robot with suspension?
is there a way to make something like Leaf Springs with the vex parts?

Our team tried but found that there was just not enough space for a leafspring and that there were no good Vex parts to make one with. The ended up using a linear slide with the wheels attached with a bunch of rubber bands. They had also tried a 45 degree angle with rubber bands but it didn’t work as well.

2009 technology…
Done by some other team… not mine…

That’s neat! Our team was specifically trying to develop a front suspension to assist in going over the starting bar (or whatever it’s called this week!). Because of that, there was the added challenge of the weight imposed by the mobile goals and cones. Our suspension is not nearly as springy as the one in the video because of the amount of tension needed to not bottom out with the weight of MoGos and cones.

Stop by our HS booth at Worlds to see our suspension system.

how do i build it thou i have seen this vid already and can not relay see the bot clearly

we are not in worlds i am just experimenting with stuff

If it is just for fun, you could use 4 bogies (a set of 2 wheels attached to a pivoting point in their center). This setup is common for many tanks, but they use a slightly different setup that requires springs. The only problem is pwering the system with VRC parts, because id rather not have the motors running straght into the wheel shaft. Because they you would have motors on your povoting bogies.

o OK am maybe going to use it for next year i will get pics of what i am working on in advisory tomorrow

That suspension bot posted by Meng was done by my students (when the Robosavages had more than one number) it was really good. It could be dropped a meter and just drive away. Have a good look at how it works and it used #64 rubber bands…and those might even be the old small motors…

The videos give plenty of detail for working out how to do it. I think you’re not likely to get more complete directions. Just try to build it! You should learn quite a lot from it.