Swampbotics 2105C Reveal

Hello everyone!

After winning the Georgia State Competition with our A bot, we decided to keep the same core design. A bot still has a faster LP and Flywheel, as we’re using 3 motors to power each. C bot on the other hand only uses 2 motors each on LP and Flywheel, allowing us to use pneumatics for the lift. We haven’t had any burn out problems with either the LP or the Flywheel; both are very accurate and consistent.


┕ 4 motors in speed, tank drive

┝ Intake - 1 Motor
┕ Belt - 1 Motor

┝ 2 Motors in speed
┕ 1:21 Gear Ratio

Linear Puncher
┕ 2 Motors in torque

┝ Rubber band powered
┕ Can lift up to 23lbs

┝ 4 autons per side
┕ 40-50 points

For those interested, I’ve made the github repo public: Swampbotics Code | Nothing But Net

Some pictures:


Possibly my most favourite reveal yet!

Really cool. How’s your puncher accuracy?

Great video, and an amazing fire rate with a two motor launcher!

100% as long as there’s no human error in loading.

Very nice robot and design, what type of velocity control is that for the flywheel?

Love the reveal! Good luck at Worlds from all of 3921! Can’t wait to see y’all there.

How much weight can you lift?

What I really love about this reveal is the attention to cinematography. Many teams can put out a good robot, but your reveal really does a good job of demonstrating the features of your robot in a visually pleasing way. A+ to you guys!

Hybrid bang-bang/TBH velocity control

We can lift around 23lbs

Thank you! I try :smiley:

Just wondering, how heavy is this robot? Nice job on the lift by the way, it is the main thing that stands out.

Our robot weights 21 pounds

Are you using only two pistons for the lift? Looks really great, 23 lb must have a strong locking mechanism

Well 4 in total, but only 2 hold it down



That lift looks great, also love you website it is so well done. Good luck at worlds and hope to see you there!