Swampbotics | Programming Skills [320pts]

Hello everyone! I wanted to quickly share our highest Programming Skills score of 320, achieved in 1st try. An in-depth reveal of our B and C bot will be uploaded soon.

Hey nice job guys! You are one of the few teams that passed us up in the programming world rankings. Being #1 in the world for our 316 score was fun while it lasted, but it seems we’ll have to make some improvements to compete against robots like yours. I don’t think there are anymore competitions in Nevada before the cutoff date for skills, but we should be fine to stay in the top 30 until then. Anyways, congratulations on your amazing skills run, and we hope to see you at worlds!

Congrats on the 320 score! I wished I could have watched this at the competition, we only saw the nets afterwards.

Great job guys on skills on the first run! I’m glad I came in time to watch the finals matches at the competition they were very good and close matches! looking forward to state. it should be a good one with all these high scoring robots in georgia!

Nice job! I watched it there at collins hill and I was very impressed with the accuracy, good luck!

WOW!!! Very very impressive.

Very impressive! Nice job guys, hope to see you at worlds! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of sensors/trial and error did you use to make sure you only took in 4 balls and then aimed perfectly?

We’re using Integrated Encoders on rear drive motors and a Gyroscope. The robot only has a total of 5 sensors:
• Gyro
• 2x Integrated Encoders
• Quadrature Encoder on the launcher

We setup the middle balls exactly the same every time to make sure that the robot picks up at least two. Plus, if you watch closely, the robot has a 1 second timeout when it’s trying to pick up the middle stack.

Thank You!

I don’t think choosing the orientation is something you can guarantee will always be allowed at future competitions so don’t rely on this.

Very true!


As long as the balls are setup like they should be :arrow_up:, it runs smooth.


Oh wow, hadn’t heard about that. Thank you for letting me know!

Greaaat job!!! How are you loading the balls in the rear of the bot? Are you pushing them into the bot or do you place the ball on the bot?