Swapping Which Side Of Bot Is Front

New to the forums, so sorry for any errors.

Our bot intakes on one side, outtakes on the other. For driver ease, what’s the best way to go about coding a button that changes which drive setting you use? We use Easy C V5 btw.

Look at my answer near the end of this thread:

Yes but our program is used to using EasyCV5, would it work on the same idea? (Declare Variable, joystick to output functions to change the variable?)

I’m not familiar with EasyCV5, but simple variables and basic functions are components of every high level language. I’m sure it’s possible. Good luck!

I haven’t used EasyC in a few years, but what I wrote essentially works in any language. The syntax may be different, but the approach is the same. Just consider what I wrote to be thorough pseudo code and recreate it in EasyC.