Sweet, I got the vex explorer!

Another great addition to my vex collection, i just ordered the vex explorer off ebay. It was a good deal at $135 Total with shipping.

Vex is there any word on how long it will be until there are adapters for the explorer motors so they can work with the regular vex controller?

Well i am looking forward to getting the wireless camera and another gripper as well as more metal components and wheels.

I am probably going to review the vex explorer and compare it to the vex starter kit and post a video on youtube about the two.

that whas cheap i pay for my vexplorer on ebay 200$ but the shiping to sweden was 65$


You should have looked around on ebay, there is some guy selling the explorer for $120 and the shipping is like $40 worldwide.

And for $200 why did you buy it off ebay? Vex is $200 and their shipping is probably cheaper.

jeh i now but now its to late i have already order and i can live with that :slight_smile:

I love my Vexplorer! I am in in the process of adding Vex bumper switches and PING sensors to mine. You can see my Vexplorer exploring the Great Northern NH woods in these photos:


I am excited about getting the explorer, i will probably screw around with the normal design and then take it apart but it will provide me with a lot of really cool parts.

For one i get the wireless camera and a 2nd gripper which i can use, but i need more motors and servos now because i have so much stuff and so few motors.

I cannot wait until the adapter comes out so that i can use the vex explorer motors with the vex micro controller. Well there is guy on ebay selling servos for $9.99 each and he has 12 so buy them while you still can.