Swept away robot

Hey so in my school we have a vex competition with other schools and i was wondering what the most sucessfull design has been for the game clean sweep|???:slight_smile:

Green Egg Robotics. Click

Also very popular were using wheel-legs as intake rollers, best seen from Free Range Robotics 2921


Or if you have a flare for the dramatic, you could always go for something like this:

This is the video you want:

Clean Sweep World Champs match 2, 2921 (NZ) + 8192 (China) vs. 44 (US) + 21C (US).

The best at scoring in goals was 44, but 2921 could also do it. The dent in the back of 44’s robot could probably be adapted for the different shape of the Swept Away goals:

The most efficient one if you don’t take goals into accout was probably 8192.

They were all pretty technically complicated robots, though. If your team isn’t that experienced you might want to try making a single bucket robot like 44’s but with a less extreme bucket size and without the complicated goal scoring system.