Swerve Drive Kit Mounting?

I ordered the swerve kit and i just opened it up. There were no instructions on how to mount it. Even though that would be easy, i noticed this on the product page. http://www.vexrobotics.com/vex-robotics-swerve-drive-kit.shtml
it shows the swerve module being mounted using a screw. My question is, how did they thrust the screw through the gear?

They put that white disk thingy on top of the gear and aligned the gear, the disky and the wheel holder and put in the screws in the holes and put a shaft through. I think.

If you look at the pdf linked from the product page, they have a note about this:

I think the trick is to use a hex key to screw it in while applying firm pressure. Once you get it started, I think it’ll go in pretty easily.

  • Dean

Or you could do what we did is and just drill it out. Find a bit that is the same size as the screw and gently and carefully drill.

thanks quazar. but won’t that ruin the square hole of the gear?

A little bit.

Keep in mind that the real torque transfer on the axles is at the corners. The screw threads will mostly dig into the flat sides. It will deform the square hole just a tad, but it should still work for square axles too.

  • Dean