switch for backup battery

Its annoying to have to reach inside the bot and unplug the backup battery sometimes when the cortex doesn’t shut off. Can we get a switch put on for shutting off the backup battery?

I believe that unplugging the vex net key then plugging it back in causes the cortex to also shut off.

I just used an extension wire to run the backup battery connector to the edge of the robot where it is easier to reach. That way you just unplug the battery from wire instead of the cortex, which also reduces the chance of the plug in the cortex getting damaged.

Is there any way to do a similar thing with the main battery cord? The main battery plug on my cortex is a little bit temperamental because it has been plugged and unplugged over and over again.

Yes, these are new this year:

Great! Thanks for your help. I want one.

Yeah I just tried that, I have been re-writing our auton so this helps a lot thanks. At least then I only have to make move to plug the programming cable into the cortex now. :slight_smile: