Switching controls

I have setup my code to switch from automatic to manual. It is not changing between the 2 controls. I set it up so that the code would print “manual off” and “manual on” each time it switches, but it always sets it to manual on and prints “manual on” this is my code.

void manualOn(){
manual = true;
Brain.Screen.print(“manual on”);
// turns manual off
void manualOff(){
manual = false;
Brain.Screen.print(“manual off”);

while(sped==false && manual == false){

// turns on manual

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Did you already ask in the other post Changing control scheme mid-match?
And jpearman and others already give your comments/suggestions/solutions?


…. You have the wrong function for button Y?

Spedy is a function you have I guess.

Unless I’m an idiot and I’m wrong, At least look at the code before you post…