Switching designation?

If a team registered as a high school team and they went to a couple of competitions and actually won one of them. Can they enter the us nationals as a middle school team? They did win a bid to the us nationals in high school but was wondering if they could compete as a middle school team? I say there is no way but thought I would throw it out there for someone to point me in the direction of rules of the vex teams. Thanks!

Read your question wrong. Disregard

When you register your team in the beginning of the season you state what division your team will compete in (middle, high, or college). You can’t register for nationals as a middle school team because you are high school and qualified through a high school level tournament.

The ultimate question is, are you actually a middle school team? If you are a middle school team that registered as a high school team, even though your team consists of middle schoolers, then I suppose you could contact the Nationals organizers and sort something out.

At Worlds the past two years, the only thing that they have been worried about in the middle school division is that the drivers must be middle schoolers.

Registrations for the US National Championship closed a while ago. This question is moot.