Switching drivers mid match

The definition of a drive team member is “ A Student who stands in the Alliance Station during a Match for each Team per . Only Drive Team Members are permitted to stand in the Alliance Station and touch the controls during the Match or interact with the Robot as per . Adults are not allowed to be Drive Team Members.”

I want to ask for a quick clarification on this, specifically the part about touching the controls during a match. I have states on Saturday and I want to double check that this strategy is legal. Is it ok to hand off the controller between two drive team members in the middle of the match?

Example: Say you have one really great driver who is good at defense, getting goals over to your side, and keeping onto goals. But that driver isn’t the best at stacking or parking or whatever you want to do. Is it ok for the driver to hand off the controller to another drive team member who is better at the endgame skills at the 30 second mark, or whenever they want to make the handoff?

as long as they are a member of the drive team it is ok (edit: if someone ever does have a problem with it (even though it is legal), you could just program a second controller to do the same as the first and have person 2 use that controller)


Thank you! That’s what I thought I just wanted to double check before my state tournament.

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No rule preventing it but it’s generally frowned upon in a strategic sense. Ideally you should have one driver so that the amount of time spent on driver practice isn’t split up among multiple people. If your driver isn’t great at certain aspects of the game, that’s just something they need to practice more.


My team does this all the time (Example: I get off rings/ mess around with stuff is coding decides to not work, we have one main driver, and one person whos good at getting up the ramp.

Seems like this is better solved with 2 controllers and pressing a button to take control from other driver. Instead of handing over controller which seems pretty slow…


We dont have acess to two controllers per team

buy or borrow one.

best I can advise.

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Instead of pressing a button we just have the partner controller override the main controller (when partner joysticks != 0). Very useful in emergencies