Switching To High Speed 393s

I am having a ton of trouble with taking the screws off two of the 393s I want to switch to High Speed for my base. The screws are not stripped yet, so before I accidently strip them I was wondering if you guys have any tips/tricks for getting those stubburn screws out.

Even though the screws are Phillips head, I have found that precision Flathead screwdrivers seem to work better.

I have found pushing in really hard and turning really slowly to work well.

Use a #1 Phillips screwdriver, push down and hold it straight.

It’s not so much that you need a tiny Phillips head screwdriver, as much as you need a head that doesn’t go really far down into the screw. Sometimes the smaller heads actually strip the screw down because their point digs deeper into the screw than do more blunt heads.

Oh, and the pushing hard and turning slowly does help.

Yes, this generally works pretty well. Also, using a dremel or file to make slot more defined helps.

Since at one point in time we had 10 393’s in HS mode on our robot, we know what you are going through.
-One tip would be to put the motor up against a table and press downward as your turn the screw driver. This way you don’t strip the screws, and because there is a lot of downward force it is easier to turn the screw. Hope this helps.

If you do strip the screw and you don’t have a dremel, you can usually also get them out with nose pliers and a lot of patience. I don’t recommend it and it isn’t much fun to do, but it is possible if you don’t have any other options.

Also if you do this, don’t try to re-use the rounded screw.

Our worry is the IME screws on the back of the motors. These need to last for the life of the IME, rather than the life of the motor. One of them is looking decidedly ragged already, as it has undergone a couple of motor changes. No spares for these unfortunately.