Swithcing whole drive team

Are you allowed to switch out the whole drive team in between matches? More importantly, is a adult/coach allow to enforce this to the intire team?

This is what happened to our team today. Our coach switched out the intire practiced drive team with 3 members who barely knows how to drive, just because we were late 20 minutes not even before the match, but before door opening. There were still plenty of time when we arrived.

It is legal to switch drive team members between events. Just note that a student can only be in the drive team for 1 team. Ex. sharing drivers between sister teams is illegal.

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Clubs have norms - if your coach said you must be at the event by a certain time, it is certainly well within the coach’s discretion to give a consequence out. Pretty sure there will be unhappiness, but moving forward you will know there are high expectations for the drive team and other members of the team. It is probably also a good idea to have everyone learn to drive. You never know when someone will get unexpected ill.

My grandmother would remind me that if I arrive early for an appointment, I am on time. If I arrive at the specified time, I am late.


Yes. I understand. However, it is a worlds qualifier for our country, and our last competition of the season if we are not qualified, which we are not.

I know that we didn’t follow the rules, and I know that there will and should be a consquence of it (even if it was because we are finishing our engineering notebook). However, I do believe that switching out the whole drive team is extremely risky, giving that our drive team had put a lot of effort on practicing for this competition, and the switched drive team have little experience on driving.

I also think that adults should not interfere the students’ decisions, as VRC is a student-centered program.

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I don’t have enough visibility to all the context surround this precise situation. Sounds like a harsh situation. It sounds like your adult coach benched your drive team for conduct reason, and the remaining members of the team had to deal with not having them available to drive. It is still student-centered if the adult was dealing with team conduct.


Ok, your mentor was clearly wrong. He might have screwed up your chance of going to worlds. Also, if those 3 members have ever driven for another team this season, then switching them to your team is illegal.

I don’t think the coach was wrong. Just like any other sport, the coach is responsible for the overall team. If there were rules set for team conduct, and if someone violates that, then there should be consequences otherwise the coach has totally lost the entire team. Whether the consequence was too harsh or not, I don’t think any of us have enough details – nor have we heard from the coach – to make that decision.

Sorry, this has happened. I hope your drive team and coach had an opportunity to discuss this.


How can we know? I will give you a list of some of the consequences my team members have gotten over the past seven seasons:

  • Team member sent home with parents at Worlds for conduct violation
  • Removed two 8th grade drive team members during Worlds conduct violation
  • Benched team captain for competition for disrespectful conduct towards team mates
  • Banned the use of chain this season due to team members playing with chain links and leaving piles on the floor at end of club session
  • Assigned whole club task of cleaning cafeteria for a month because some members disrespecting adult after school staff

Our students have the privilege of representing their school/district/city/state at competitions. They have to demonstrate trustworthiness at every instance. Each club member represents the whole club, and when one makes poor decisions that reflects poorly on our organization, the whole club can bear the consequences. In each and every case, supports our high expectation for student conduct in and outside of school. As their advisor, I make the decisions of the consequences, and the list of consequences above was measured and appropriate.

With the OPs situation, we do not have complete picture of the expectations for members of the organization. So please do not jump to the conclusion their mentor was wrong.

And VRC is not just about winning.


I have no idea…urf. I don’t know anything.


There are no rules against switching an entire drive team if it doesn’t violate cross team rules.

Although I am strongly against swapping drive teams during competition, I believe this situation would be up to the discretion of the mentor.

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