Taking the 4 bar linkage off of Stretch and adding some Swoopy parts (legs off the big walking Ant and some support arms from the shooters). Claw is from Stretch, but I have a smaller one that I have almost built. I doubled the gears on the shoulder lift, so there are 4 12 tooth driving, should help with the lift. This arm is much lighter than the original design. Drive base is 2x20 driven by left and right motors and chain to get the distance. Joints between the legs are steel shafts with the rubber collars to keep it in place. Need to decide if to put the brain on the floor or hang it off the back support to help balance the load. If I have the claw open on the starting position, I have the room.



Claw open or closed both need to be inside 20"

Yep, sorry for the error. It’s what happens when I go from VIQ to VRC and back again. I actually got the sizing box out and put Swoop in, and I have room, claws open OR closed. All of my roboteers are well under the limit. I picked up another Ant body on Ebay, will reform Swoop into a 4 Bar Reverse. I should be able to make the high goal at that point.