Symbols on Configuration

What do the symbols on the controller configuration mean? With the configuration do you have to assign each port the right symbol for the sensor? I would appreciate any information on the configuration. Thanks!

When you start a new project in EasyC 2.x, the I/O Config Block looks like:

The first four are Analog Inputs, the next 6 are Digital Inputs and the last 6 are Digital Outputs.

Just remember that the Microchip PICmicro® PIC18F8520 only has Analog Input, and the little arrows show a Digital Signal coming into the little circle or a Digital Signal coming out of the little circle.

Wow! Your posts are really informative! Thanks! I also have a question. Do you have to put the right sensors and components in the ports labeled for them?

Well, you can change the port between analog/digital-in/digital-out by clicking on the symbol to change it. You should make sure each port is correctly configured for the type of sensor/device you have attached.


  • Dean

Do you really need to? I think when using easyC when you assign a sensor to a specific port it automatically does it. I have never had to go in and change whether or not it is analog/digital.

That is an excellent question. I’ve always carefully set them to match my program, but I can’t think of a time I’ve had a robot fail because these were set wrong. I’ll run a few tests next time I have the chance…

  • Dean