Sync joytstick to bot

We have tried to sync a new joystick to one of my team’s bot. We have tried downloading the firmware, doing the power cycle, using the orange chord, and pressing the config buttons on the CPU and joystick.
All that occurs with the bot is 3 of the wheels continuously turn on their own.
Any suggestions?

Hey there Mrs. Cruz704! If you follow the following steps, it should solve the issue.

  1. Make sure firmware is downloaded. I know you said the firmware is good, but make sure the joystick, cortex, and vexkeys have the latest firmware, and that the robotC version you are using is current. This is most likely the issue.

  2. Make sure the vex keys don’t have any obvious physical damage. If a vex key is cracked or coming apart, it can cause wireless failures.

  3. Make sure the orange download cable you’re using is functional. If the download cable is broken, pairing won’t work. To be 100% the download cable isn’t the point of failure, try using another download cable.

  4. Follow these steps in this order to pair the joystick and the cortex.
    a.) Power on the joystick and cortex. Make sure both have good batteries.
    b.) Link them together with the orange download cable until the lights on both are green.
    c.) Unplug the download cable and plug in the vex keys.
    d.) Only after the keys are in, power cycle both the remote and the cortex.

If you are still experiencing issues, it is possible the joystick or cortex is broken. I know vex is pretty generous about refunding parts that arrived damaged or broken, or maybe you already have a replacement joystick or cortex?

Good luck! Nothing is more frustrating than struggling to pair a joystick, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out.