Synchronize the motors on wheels

Our team is new to VRC this summer. We used two motors for VEX IQ but we saw VRC uses 6 motors. We don’t know how those 3 motors on left 3 wheels can synchronize if each motor connect to each wheel? What if each motor has a little difference?
Especially in program, for robot turn left or right in IQ it was easy since only one motor for left two wheels and one motor for right two wheels. But now there are three motors for each side, should we program each motor?

This is usually solved by gearing/chaining the wheels on each side of the drivetrain together. Harvard Westlake has a good video illustrating this: 3 ChassisPart2 - YouTube


Yes, you either have to assign them as a ‘motor group’ or program them individually. As your coding skills get better, you will be doing option#2.

You WILL want to mechanically link them together using chains/gears also. This will give you more power in low traction conditions.