Syncing a Tank Drive With a Really Long Axle...

Tank Drives have two sides with at least 2 wheels on each side. It’s easy to sync one side by either using chain and chain gears or regular gears. But what if you wanted to sync both sides to each other. Is it possible to sync each side at first by using chain, etc., and then sync both sides by using a long axle to go through gears on each side? Will that make it perfectly go foward, or will the syncranization make it hard for turn. I assume this isn’t a good idea since automobiles use differential gears, but maybe it’s different since the terrain the robot is going on is foam (a.k.a. the field).

How would you turn then?

It’s a shame robots can’t defy the laws of physics and turn when both wheels are forced to go the same direction

ahh, the power of a differential, found in (almost) every car.
Differential Module

Here’s the problem you would try to go forward with one side and backward with the other to turn. But they would fight because they have to go the same way and ur drive would die.

Oh… I didn’t think of that…

Yeah I just discovered how noobish that question was

IF I remember correctly, @tabor473 did this on his minimalist NBN skills bot. The only driving it did was drive across the fields, and by doing this he was able to make it go perfectly straight.
EDIT: I think he did it with standoffs, though

I will say this much on using a really long axel… make sure you don’t twist it. My team did that 3 times in a day and resulted in us breaking a motor and having to cut that one axel 3 times!