Syncing lifts with potentiometers

I am having some trouble coming up with a RobotC code for syncing both sides of my robot lift.

Can someone help me?

Quick Google search yielded these two threads, they may be of some use.

If you want to use code to sync the lift, you are going to want to look into what is called a PID loop, which is a method of using sensor data to more accurately control the position of the system. Once you can accurately control the position of either side, it should be pretty easy to sync the two sides together. If you search “PID Vex Forum” into google, I’m sure you will find an abundance of results.

That being said, I’m gonna strongly recommend you try and fix this issue mechanically first. A sync in the code is a viable solution for sure, but in my opinion it will be infinitely easier and more reliable to mechanically sync the two sides with a shaft and more cross supports. Depending on your lift, you want a shaft to run from the gear train on one side to the gear train on the other and force them into sync. Add cross supports throughout the lift to remove slop from the joints and places where the lift can tilt side-to-side without actually turning the gears that power it.

If you really want a code solution, PID is what you want to look into.