Syncing Up Motors?

Is there any way to get motors to move in sync easily via programming or something else? We would like some help because our programmer is very lame and will not do much. Any help is much appreciated. If you want to see our programming, you can ask for it.
Thanks in advance.

You can do this through programming, but I would suggest using either chain and sprockets or gears to keep them in sync.

what’s this for ( claw? drive?) and what sensor do you have access to.

This is for a pincher type thing we have going that enables us to grab cubes and stars and assists us in throwing them over the wall.

We kind of want two motors so I don’t think that we’ll be using chain, but if you can, tell me the programming approach.

PID. There’s plenty of content on thr internet and this forum on this. Have fun

use potentiometers on the claw’s shafts (both) and use a torque ratio on the pincher/ claw to make it slower. then in your code use an IF and IF ELSE statement that makes it so that if the right one (we’ll use the right for example) will be controlled and the left will have another potentiometer then using the IF/ IF ELSE statement have the left one sync to the other. or you can just put an even number gears in between the motors and it’ll sync up so much eaiser. I dont even see the point of writing those first sentences but too late

thank m8

PID is probally the best way, even just the P works great for me. A more simple way which adds weight and friction would be to use gears to connect the 2 sides. Chain could work also but I’m always afraid it’ll skip or break.

PID is honestly overcomplex for claw sync. Just make a bang bang or similar loop that when one claw side is more in a direction than the other, slow it down until the other catches up

A P controller is not very much more complicated than bang bang and it’s significantly more elegant.

If you don’t know PID or comfortable with IME setups, then chaining or gearing works.

Bang bang takes longer to sync. PID ensures syncing in a short amount of time.

If you have two motors that need to be synchronized perfectly, use gears or chain to link them mechanically. No software solution is as good as mechanical linkage (for this purpose).

The problem with gear and chain is if the gears skip, it’s messed up for the whole match, it also adds weight and friction. An advantage of using software is you can still control the 2 sides separately if you want to.

Although I’m not a big fan of chain and sprockets, I do agree that gears(mechanical sync) is a more reliable than an electronic solution any day of the week and twice on Saturday(tournament day)…lol