syntax error in easyc pro???

here is the link to the screenshot:

heres what i tried:

  1. i had variables labled “encoder1, encoder2…, encoder12” and the “error” code was highlighted at “encoder1” (there are 5 variables above that)
  2. when i deleted “encoder1” the highlighted error was at “encoder2”
  3. i thought it was come copy paste bug, so i deleted all the “encoderX” variables but now the error was highlighted at the “if 1 == 1”
  4. i tried the simplest code (while 1 == 1) but the error code was still there
  5. i thought the file was corrupt so i created a new project and imported the function and renames it “autonomous2” but the error code was still there

is there any silly mistake you guys can see?
does the error code tell you something i do not know?
(the file compiles fine without the “autonomous(2)” function)

thanks for your help in advance

i did some more tests and there was a complete random “user code” (ghghidhakdsh) and it passed the compilation!
i also added a “comment box” before that and it also compiled
i also added another “if 1 == 1” IN FRONT of the original “while 1 == 1” and it turned out that the “error” is now on the new “if 1 == 1” box
here is the link to that screenshot [

i got it working!

heres what i did:

  1. in the “new file” i copied the “autonomous2” all into the empty “autonomous” function
  2. the “autonomous2” error was still there
  3. but after i added all the variables to “autonomous” and deleted everything off “autonomous2” it compiled successfully!!!

does anybody have any idea what that was about???

ps: and how do you delete unwanted functions?
i have 3 “blank” functions that i cannot delete
thanks agian](

Right click on the user function and select “Remove”

I’d have to see your original broken program to find the error.

You commented out the semicolon in the last variable you declared, hence the syntax error.

Proper form would be to comment out the entire line instead.

Nice Catch


Your on the path to being a Grand Master of ‘C’…