<T03> During matches, two teams from an alliance

Was this rule followed in CREATE U.S. Open Robotics Championship - VEX HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION
looking at the results it was not??
<T03> During matches, two teams from an alliance will play on the field. Any team which sits out
the first match in an elimination series, must play in the second match, with no exceptions. In
the third and any subsequent matches, any two of the three teams may play. Prior to each Elimination
Match, the Alliance Captain must let the referee know which two teams will be playing in the
upcoming match.

I don’t actually know what the setup at US Opens was, but if it’s not an official VEX event it may have had a non-competition-legal setup

You can’t always tell based on the results. Sometimes this data isn’t published correctly, and you’ll find that this isn’t too rare. In general, we can assume that at a high level event such as the U.S. Open this rule would be followed.

Edit: This is especially true in vexdb if that’s what you’re looking at.

I was watching middle school stream and they rotated the teams per elimination match. Were there specific divisions or matches that were off? At least for the matches my guys played in it was the case. Can’t say for any other division. There were drops in the stream so viewing was spotty.

I notice in robotevents the teams were properly played in each alliance in middle school…

I was watching the high school divisions and they were rotating properly. I had the same issue as Team80_Giraffes, the stream was up and down, so it made it difficult at times to follow. Compared to last year though, the stream was much better.