T20 Eligibility

I’m planning to create an independent team with me and a friend, however I see the manual says Students must be accompanied by an adult, and I’m not certain whether either of our parents are able to stay for the competitions, and I will be turning 18 in Oct (usually before the first competition of the season in the UK)

Do I still need another adult or do I count?

You must have an adult who does not meet the definition of student.

I know at my events this is strictly enforced. This is for safety and RECF Code of Conduct reasons.

That said, you may check to see if their is another team whose adult is willing to watch over you.

I am sure EPs on the forum will agree strongly on this point. All of us had situations where a responsible adult supervising the team was needed.

<T20> Students must be accompanied by an Adult. No Student may attend a VRC event without a responsible Adult supervising them. The Adult must obey all rules and be careful to not violate Student-centered policies, but must be present at the event in the case of an emergency. Violations of this rule may result in removal from the event.

General Definitions

Adult - Anyone who is not a Student.