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After watching some teams matches online, I was curious about how the rule T5 works. By reading the game manual, the “match” is over once placing your controller down on the field. But I’ve seen videos of teams starting to high hang and throwing the remote down as soon as it starts, but not yet done lifting up. So the high hang wasn’t complete before “stopping” the match by putting the controller down. Wouldn’t that mean the hang would not have counted since it was not above the high bar when the controller went down? I didn’t see anything on the official QA board, but thought I would ask here first to see if I was the only one wondering.

The controller on the ground is not the only condition necessary, the match ends when the controller is on the ground and the robot has stopped moving. The order those two things have to happen in is not specified. So if you set the controller on the ground while the robot is still lifting up to hang, the hang will still count (as long as it’s complete before the 1:00 runs out).

Note also that, while an alliance can choose to end any match early, the match stop time only matters in the (very rare) case of a tiebreaker match in the finals.


@holbrook thanks John, make sense. So while someone can throw their controller down, the ref shouldn’t call time until the hang is completed (aka the robot has stopped moving for the hang or whatever). You’re right, this will likely be more finals type stuff (though you could do it in skills as well for tie breakers) , but I was just watching matches and saw the dropping of the controller when things weren’t done moving and was curious.

Not even just finals matches, the only time the match stop time ever matters is in “tiebreaker finals matches”, which only happen when two or more teams tie for first place in the finals. I don’t know how common that is globally (probably varies a bit from game to game) but it’s never happened to me as a ref – the only example I can think of off the top of my head was last season’s MS world championship finals.

Per RSC3 and RSC4, the match stop time is not used in the skills challenge rankings this season, either within each event or in the global rankings.

I would guess that most of the time, when a driver puts their controller on the ground at the end of the match, it’s either out of habit (in case they ever do need to do that in a tiebreaker finals match), or just to make it abundantly clear to the ref they they didn’t keep driving the robot after the 1:00 was up, which I think is a nice thing to do.

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