Table to put our Vex IQ field

Does anyone know where I can buy a legal size height table to put our Vex IQ field on?

I personally don’t know what the legal height is, but one thing that has worked for my schools IQ program to support the field is our us of two sawhorses with a piece of plywood between them. It is a stable option and is similar to the height of the standard table that I remember from my IQ days.

We found that a fold away twin bed frame, with 2 half sheets of plywood bolted on works pretty well. It’s not that tall, but it is easy to fold away to store or to transport

Worlds table heights are 18". I have folding tables with adjustable legs that go to 19" (close enough). We put them side to side and zip tie the legs together for stability.

I’ve also seen this shelving unit used.

You just build a collection of short shelves that are 18" tall, and assemble them to be 4’x8’. As I recall three sets of shelves will make two tables.

Definitely agreeing on the worlds table height with Foster on this. You can either now increase the height by adding another shelf or just stay with it.