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Hello … i know this is stupid and there are loads of rules against the idea … but we have a 9.7" tablet … and our sponsors have asked us if we can make an animation to play on a tablet that can get put on the back of the robot .

except for the rule for batteries etc … is it possible that it could be used if we could prove it as non-functional decoration and back it in a cube made from vex metal and put a front of polycarbonate on it

thanks in advance

Well… I guess it’s borderline legitimate as a non-functional decoration. You should try to work something better out with your sponsor though haha. Like some printed thing with their name significantly larger than 10 inches.

It has been previously ruled that lights with independent power supplies are not legal as non - functional decorations, so I doubt a tablet would be.

As Complexity mentioned, making custom logos is pretty much your only bet. Keep in mind that the have to be 100% non functional, and this includes not having contact area with game elements - such as on pushing surfaces on containers and ramps. A common solution to this is to use part of your polycarbonate allowance to cover the logos, allowing them to be seen whilst staying within the rules.

EDIT: Found the relevant Q and A: Round Up Elevation


Corporate marketing at its finest :wink:

I’m sure you could, but your robot would be heavier and the tablet screen might get damaged.

The interesting thing about all of this is that small cameras are allowed on robots for recording purposes. Even with the fact that they use external batteries.

the other suggestion is 2 use a battery powered digital photo frame

You’ll probably have the same problem.

Suggestion: Place the frame in your pit. No one will complain about that.

I would say no it is probably not legal. I would ask in the official answer forum for a definite answer. The picture frame is a better idea: lower cost and more likely to be considered legal. And the keeping it in your pit is also a good idea, but not a visible.

yeh … well i will talk with them … if it comes to it … i will just have 2 stage some photos with it on the robot

There’s probably no rule explicitly against it, but isn’t it completely impractical?

yes it is completely impractical … but it is what they want so … we will c when we have finished building … put on the slot for the tablet … take some pics … then take the tablet off the robot for competition (well that is the plan) …