Tabor drive

I have been putting off this reveal for a while but my competition is in a few hours so I decided it was time for the reveal.

The TABOR drive

picture after fully wired

4 motors in high spd mode on the tabor drive

Leaving this spot blank until I can get access to my youtube account to post the link of it working here. (Anyone that has the link feel free to post it) I am at school so I cant get on youtube to get the link.

Old video here

Why would someone want to strafe while intaking and why would someone want to drive forward and backwards while descore rescoring.

The goal was to add the ability to strafe without it affecting normal driving in anyway.
I have spent a lot of time thinking about it so if anyone can think of another way to do it. I would be interested to hear it](

Very unique design.The clearance looked very low which might cause problem to drive over sacks on floor.

Oh yessssss!!!

I think the best part is how you magically meshed two motors with the 16 tooth gear without collars…

Did you not see our drive at Bellarmine? We did the exact same. xD

And Tabor. You, sir, are a genius.

I wouldn’t go that far. :stuck_out_tongue:
Tabor are you going to reveal tabor lift? :smiley:

I believe it is this one:
Tabor lift 64B test

How does it go back down…?

It doesn’t

There are collars in other side .

Yeah that’s the one. Didn’t know it was public.


TABOR drive video

All the teams that know me understand that I am a tipping god but most people don’t know I am an untipping god.

Also Tabor lift is 1 time 20 sack lift defensive hoarder bot. Also it lifts the 20 sacks hilariously fast.](

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very nice :smiley:

would like to see matches to see how well this/you integrates this in match play

I am looking forward to it too

Nice job at the comp yesterday! Too bad you didn’t get all the bugs figured out. It would’ve been beast.

Hey, I saw that you had four motors on the 2 back wheels that were pivoting. Maybe you should 2 of those motors to the 2 front wheels, so you can move diagonally. You would lose half the power strafing though…

That is exactly what went through my mind while talking about it with some of my teammates. It would be interesting to mess around with vertical mounting for the motors to save space and fit two of them in the front without interfering with any intake mechanism. Sideways strafing doesn’t really seem to be something that needs all 4 motors unless you’re pushing another robot.

interesting design how well does it drive? do you find the transition to be rather smooth?