Tactics Planner

Because I’m a generally nice bloke I thought I would share this with everyone. I have created a scale accurate PDF of the cleansweep game field (1inch = 2ft) (Exception: Wall thickness is modeled as 2" rather than 2.180" for central divide and 1.x" for external).

There is plenty of space around the outside of the document for scribbled notes and arrows. We plan to use it to help design autonomous mode functions, but I’m sure general tactics as well would find it usefull…

Hope it’s usefull.

PDF is attached and also uploaded to wiki Here

Edit: New version uploaded, just realised I forgot the goals
Vex Cleansweep field.pdf (15.4 KB)

Nice diagram! I’m SURE alliance seeds will find something like this useful to explain strategies to there other picked alliances. Also the general paired temporary “alliances” could use such a diagram to form a general plan before their match together.

May I suggest adding lines that represent the field tiles? maybe lighter so they aren’t distracting?