Take a tower with a tray bot?

Hi I am working on an Autonomous program and am wondering if anyone has tried this before. Please Help!


I’m confused by your first note.

What does “Take a tower with a tray bot?” mean? Are you talking about the green supports that you are to place a green cube on?

Lots of us have written successful Autonomous programs. What are you trying to do with yours?

What sensors do you have on your robot? Sensors are key for a good autonomous routine

I’m assuming this is meant to be for vrc, because the keywords tower and tray bot.


Yes I am wondering if it is possible in vrc to load a stack of cubes directly in the tray bot.

Ya… I guess? Ur gonna have to be more specific than that. Do u mean collecting an entire column of cubes like a claw?

my team has a tray bot and we want to collect an stack of cubes with a tray bot. in a auton program.

Okay, I see, so as in tower you meant, a stack of cubes. Is that correct?

It’s possible but you may have to redesign your rollers

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