Taking Home Robots Poll

Please answer if you are a public team

  • Allowed to take Bots Home
  • Not allowed

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No, he is doing this as a poll, which that thread was not. He is doing this to try to get his advisor to let hijm take home the bot.


No. If you read through that thread, you can get the same answers you would get here. This thread is redundant.

This is a lot easier than having to read through the replies on the old one. This gives a more accurate result.


For my IQ roboteers, you can take the robot home, except for the week before an event. I’ve been burned by the “naw, gonna sleep in” or other excuse and had teams without robots.

OTOH, HS teams can take them home the week before. Because some crazy overnight build happens and they stumble in with zero sleep at 9 AM with a completed robot.

I’d love to see a time management thread where roboteers talk about how they do time management and don’t need to pull crazy hours to ship things out the door. Hey, I’m a champion procrastinator but I have way too much stuff on my plate, so I do things just so I don’t get all stressed that stuff is due in a day.

@SiliconOxide if you are trying to get parts at home, I’d say fine, it’s weeks before this gets real so here is stuff have at it. Good luck with your poll!


Yes, I have looked at this thread, but I need quantitative data, not qualitative


Well my coach’s son is, but not me- they stay in our robotics lab.

We aren’t allowed to our robots home. However we do meet often and for long times.

I make sure to aim for goals that I know I can achieve by the next tournament. A tip is, dont aim for massive modifications and lofty goals unless you have enough time. It is just as important to dream realistically as it is to dream big. If something on your robot isnt working, and it likely won’t work anytime soon, then just remove it or dont use it. If you have 1 week before a tournament, dont add that 3rd or 4th stage to your tray. Just practice using what you have.

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