Tank Drive Base

My team is new to robotics and we are building our first robot. This robot is for competition. We were thinking of using a tank drive with 6 motors. But we weren’t sure about the pros and cons of tank drive and omni-wheel drive. We are going to use a 6-motor drive. We are not looking for a design, just advice from people who have tried these types of drives. Thanks.

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What exactly do you mean by this as I have never heard this term before?

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Why? If you want to have a intake, flywheel, and roller mechanism powered by independent motors, plus a drive train, you would need to cut back on motors for the drive.

Sorry, what I meant was using tank treads or using standard Omni wheels.

Many teams are using 6-motor drive trains. There are ways to connect motors to multiple, so we may connect one to both the intake and flywheel. We are looking for the speed in the drive train.

6 motor drive is a very common and competitive option. It’s pretty trivial this season to only use 2 motors for intaking, shooting, and scoring the rollers, and 6m drive has the capability of moving faster and/or playing better defense.

Tank treads are not a good choice. They are bulky, fragile, have great difficulty turning, and don’t even have very good traction. Go with omni wheels, and if depending on your driving preference, possibly a traction wheel in the middle.


sure tank drive base looks epic and different when it comes down to comparing to other robots but when it comes down to preformance i can say from personal experience that it lacks torque and speed needed for this speed demanding game (spin up) so if my advice means anything to you i suggest you look into another drive that is benificial and meets your needs.
wishing the best!

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My bot, 20002Y, has a 6motor tank drive with 4in wheels and in the middle I have a custom flex wheel. One sister team has the smaller 3.25 omnis and locked the middle ones and that works pretty well. I like 6 wheel over 4 wheel because you can zero turn with tank but have traction to not be pushed sideways if you choose. If you do 6 motor I suggest 6 wheels for those advantages (plus it’s easier anyways). If you like to drift around, you can go all omnis but with this game, some traction can go a long way when aiming and stuff.