Tank or Arcade???

I know many of you have created your own 4MD+ drivetrains, but this is a question when it comes to competition:

What would you rather use: Tank style, or Arcade style?

whichever wins gets ice cream

i think that tank drive offers the driver a lot more control, and is easier to program:p

Well, although i like tank better, there is a way you can program arcade stye really easily.

You can use the GetRCMotorControl buttons in EasyC Pro, and then set motors 1 and 2 on channel 1, and you inverse the direction on one of them. that would make them turn when you go to the right or left. then you can put ports 1 and 2 also on channel 2, but not inverse the direction, causing the bot to go forward.

But yes, having the 23 drive setting on the transmitter makes everything a lot easier.

On an arcade machine, I’m really good at packman, because the stick is big and it is meant for a whole hand, but on a transmitter two hand designed transmitter?

I was just wondering which one you prefer, because i remember people in my class that only used arcade style. It’s kinda like asking the question “Is anyone here left-handed???” but not too much like that.

I have always like the Tank Controls (old school), but I think there is some programming tricks to make Arcade more effective…

This just made me think of PID. That’s definitely one major advantage to arcade style driving. You can make the robot drive in a straight line (using encoders) using one joystick, instead of trying to correct it with two.

(keep in mind I’m a tank drive person)

the type of arcade i would like though requiring programming is
the left stick controls the steering and the right stick controls the speed
thats my kinda arcade style its more effective in control

I can’t answer this poll, as it would change depending on the drive type: tank for simple co-linear drives, “arcade” for “mixed” drives, and then there’s always option C: autonomous control.

yeah, but i’m talking if you JUST had the starter kit and you wanted to control your square bot or whatever right away. which one would you use?

I can’t handle Arcade for some reason. It’s just seems so much more complicated. I feel I have more control with tank.

I prefer tank but if I have an arm or something I use arcade so I have one joystick for driving and another for controlling the arm or whatever.


tank but some time arcade for a special reason now can i have my ice cream

Tank drive is a little more natural, but true arcade is easier for newbies to pick up on (but not much). The thing I don’t like about the WPILib arcade style driving (WPILib is the base library for EasyC) is the “Arcade2” and “Arcade4” functions are very very strange in the way they control the robot’s driving. Right = left and left = right. It makes no sense. Any idea why this is? You can, of course, circumvent that problem by reversing the steering channel on the controller, but that’s just annoying. But I’ve never used arcade on a competition robot before this year (BEST is now programmable, so it’s less likely that you’ll jerk a wheel when you’re trying to delicately maneuver an end effector if you’re using arcade). Definitely a tank person, though.

Ooops! I voted for the wrong one! Go TANK STYLE!!

Sorry to challenge the status quo, but I prefer arcade style vastly over tank style. This is primarily because our designs generally call for multiple things to control, and arcade style frees up a joystick.

cblightbulb makes a good point…about freeing up a joystick…wether or not to choose arcade vs. tank is dependent of what the robot design is.

Well, I have a robot arm mentioned in my signature, and I’m forced to use arcade because of that.