Tank or X drive

Our team is going to rebuild a robot specifically for skills as that’s our last chance to get to state, one question is if we should do a tank or an x drive, because it’s for skills speed will be needed but moving side to side may be helpful, but I don’t know if the reduced speed will be worth it. We could to a gear ratio but I’m not sure how that’ll affect our launcher. so should i go tank or X drive

I recommend planning out your route first. How should the bot move? When? Where? Is the loss due to friction worth it, or would turning be better? I think you are the best person to answer this question.
My vote is on tank drive though.

X-Drive sounds useful at first, but we couldn’t get ours to drive strait. We have a tank drive right now and have very good success in both driver and programming skills (we can do much better than out current max in programming).

X drive for sure. An X drive can move sideways, which is great for driver, programming and hanging, because it is more manueverable. It actually goes 1.41 times faster than a tank drive, because vectors (cant explain easily), but torque is reduced by 1.41 as well, so you can gear accordingly. I would recommend 3.25" wheels with high speed motors and 2-4 optical encoders for precise movements in skills. Just beware that it might take longer to build, and you already dont havemuch time.

Tank drive is my vote. We had an x drive at the begining of the season thinking it would be great but with the weight of game objects it’s hard to keep an x drive driving straight in programming skills because of the reliance ob weight distribution an x drive has

If you want it just for skills, I would suggest planning out your route you would take and what type of intake/manipulator you will use, as that can drastically change your route and also your base design. I personally would suggest a Tank drive as they’re usually faster to build and easier to make it drive straight, as it sounds like you’re on a time crunch.

The speed is increased by 1.41 yes. The torque is well complicated. The motors are under 2 times the stress and not 1.41 as you would initially imagine. It is not a gear ratio in that regard.

Nobody mentioned drop center drive. :wink: