tank track parts

think it woud be nice if you can buy the tank tread parts individually like the boggy wheals and the track.

peaple do brake thread links, I havent yet but it woud be nice to be able to buy spare links

I agree especially on the boggy wheels.:slight_smile:

This would be awesome, at my school we have a robotics course that involves VEX, Lego, and Basic Stamp Robotics. Inside the box I was assigned there was ~ 5 broken links, so individual parts would be great.

Sounds awesome buyin tank tread pieces separately so u can replace
or make the tank lenght longer

What would be even better, is if any of the RadioShacks around me carried the tank treads to begin with…

what about an accessory for the tank treads?

i’m thinking of rubber gripps that you would attach to the individual treads, to give them some real traction on wooden floors.

that sounds like a great idea. i too am tired of having the treads slip when i hit the kitchen floor :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a special coating that is mostly used for like pliers or wire cutters that could most likely be brushed on. it is alot like rubber.

i think i’ve heard about that stuff, doesn’t it wear off really quick though? i also thought that it was a mess to apply and would be hard if you have alot tank treads to apply it to.

ive never thought of that good idea

I do not know but as soon as my treads arrive I am going to try it. also there is this other stuff called liquid tape wich is the same idea as the other stuff.

i have liquid tape

only bad thing is that the rubber stuff would make black marks on my moms floor andi dont think she would like htat

Clean the marks and she won’t be so upset.

i am not currently using the tracks any way so i will wait and see

For those who are trying to improve traction with the treads in the FVC, not that i think it’s needed, you could take the matting that you’re allowed to use cut it into strips and zip tie it onto the treads.