Tank tracks in Turning point

Do you think tank tracks are viable this season? It seems like they could give you a massive advantage for center parking, and as long as you use the 24 or 30 tooth sprockets, they should be reasonably fast as well.

I don’t think they are going to catch on. Wheels > Tank Treads.

Either way, it’s not just how grippy your wheels or treads are, it’s also how much your robot weighs. The more weight your robot has, the more traction.

Well, if you don’t use omni wheels, the robot won’t slip off. Also, much less friction.

One of the main reason people don’t use tank treads for competition robots is they cause lots of “scrub” (only scrubs use tank treads lol). Scrub just means turning friction, so when turning with tank treads it will be very slow and hard on the motors