Tank Tread and Intake Kit

My team is interested in purchasing both intake flaps and the compatible attachment links, under the vex site there is no one kit that has both, you would have to buy

whereas under vex IQ you can buy this kit
This seems to include lots of attachment links and intake flaps, the gears would not be used. Are these other parts the same as the ones found in the two first links?
Am I understanding this correctly? Or is there a better way to purchase both?

If you look on the left most picture on the Tank Tread Upgrade kit, you’ll see a tread link that looks like it has a straight line running down it-thats the attachment link that the flaps go through, you simply slide it in. You would only need the additional high strength chain kit if you ran out of tread links.

Ahhhh I guess I did not look hard enough, that seems right.
Thank you