Tank Tread Crab Drive

this is a crab drive I made and then replaced the four wheels with four little tank tread boxes. it can drive like a tank, like a car, or “crab” side to side or diagonal.

nice!.how did you do that?.good job!:wink:

Quite impressive. I/m very interrested in the steering thats quite an angle there. keep up the good work

thats nice. only one question. whats that top motor/servo for?

sweet! a few questions though.
1 how well does it drive?
2 where did you get the idea?
3 Did you try useing wheels instead of tank treads?

i think it’s realy cool :wink:

i have to agree with everyone else in saying that it is really cool. you have like 4 tread kits, and 4 chain kits right?

ok ok ok. to answer everyone:
I just wanted to make a crab drive, i’ve made crab drives in the past but they wern’t very clean looking and didn’t work great. so I built this one making eherything really sturdy and rigid. I had wheels on at first but I thought it would be really cool to make it with treads. it drives good i’ll have a video out soon.
and I accually only have one tank tread kit and 2 chain kits, if you look each pod has one tank wheel and a roller wheel.
the servo on top is for a rotating arm that was on the wheel crab drive. I removed the arm to work on the tank treads and took pictures as soon as the base was done.

okay thanks for answering my questions.

I do like your track “pods” i made some that we were going to use in competition… but they were too stiff for the motors to turn… the motors were actually inside the whole makeup.

i need to ask you sum thing.

wair did you get the idea for a crab drive robot:)

Yes it is cool. Did you program it yourself or did you use the default code? I could see it driving with all the wheel steering with the joystick mode and all wheels on one channel.


i programed it myself. i have tank control on the 2 and 3 channels and the front wheels turn on the 1 and the back wheels turn on 4

i tried making a crab-drive bot once. i was trying to make it really small and it was surprisingly easy. for the programming, channel 2 is throtle, and 1 was steering.

here is a video of it in action

Thanks for posting a video. The bot drives very smoothly.

mister t i notice that in your some of your pictures on your website that you have put some thick rubber bands around some of your 5in wheels. does this increase traction at all or manuverabillity?

the bands add traction and decrease weight.

I was able to build one. They are fun to drive. I will try and post pics. I programed it to be driven with one channel on the four drive wheels and one channel on the two steering motors.

Thank you for the idea.

thats a cool crab drive looks good on the video im going to build some sort of crab drive when i get a couple more parts i dont no when ill get some money:rolleyes: great job tho