Tank Tread pieces

i always wondered y vex doesnt sell tank tread pieces separately cause then i could use more than two motors with tanktread and use more of those placeholdes giving it better speed and balance

I don’t know what you mean? The tread? Idler wheels? Driven wheels? Each of the above seperately? I could use more driven wheels.

It would be nice if you could buy more idlers or drive wheels or tread. I highly doubt you’d be able to buy say 17 tread pieces they’d sell it in 50 piece sections or something like that.

yes i do mean idler wheels and the drivers and also tread

if they do sell hopefully they would probably sell in groups of 25, 50, 75 or 100 because a teacher might want to buy alot in one purchase

It would most likely be by the foot like the chain.

Side Note: It would be useful to be able to buy the sprockets, but no biggie. LOL.

Tread by the foot? That has an interesting ring. If they started selling parts individually that might defeat the purpose of the kit so I doubt you’d be able to get everything individually.

Tread by the foot isn’t much. It should be by two feet. If you are building something intricate with threads then you probably know that one foot of tread isn’t really enough to do anything with (same with the VEX kits). I think the tread kits are fine now but I think that VEXLabs should sell the sprockets separately, maybe in a two pack for like 6-8 bucks. You are only given 4 sprockets in the kit, just enough to make 2 sets of tread but with the amount of tread given, you could easily build four sets of tread out of it like our team has done. Speaking of which, has anyone tried to recreate our scissor lift using treads? I’d like to see it. If they build it, they will have almighty repect for that lift and the troubles we went through.