Tank tread thickness

I need to know what the thickness of the tank treads are. I dont mean the flat portion that is touching the ground making it move but the thickness from the connectors to the flat surface. I cant find these measurements anywhere.:confused:

Measured today using vernier callipers, I got 3.50 mm

thanks that does help but is that just for the little thin section touching the ground or the link included. I have attached a photo to try and help explain what i mean. Again tho thanks for the help. Oh ya srry but look for the blue arrow might be hard to see at first.

Here you go - I hope this includes the dimension you wanted (dimensions are in millimetres). If you have the CAD software yourself, this is usually the easiest way to measure parts.
tank-tread.pdf (44.6 KB)

Thanks this is exactly what i needed and unfortunatly i dont have acess to cad so this is why i ask.