Tank Tread Upgrade

i just ordered the tank treads and i also bought the tank tread upgrade kit. the traction links are cool, but it makes the robot drive very unstable (the traction links are a bit bigger than the regular links, so it makes it bounce). does anyone have these links and can tell me what to do to help stop it from bouncing?

can you post a pic of your tank tread layout?

okay…so…um, how do you post a picture?

yeah the links make it really unstable, but you should try to put as many links as you can so that it is only running on the traction treads, rather than the regular green treads

ya i tried this shortly after i posted this thread and it works great! the only problem tho is that the kit doesn’t come with many links, so only a short patch uses them. i’m also gonna try sanding the links a bit with fine sand paper to obtain a little more traction

I wouldn’t say that they make the robot unstable but they do make the robot vibrate or bounce a little. There isn’t much you do about that.

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Well,if you really need the extra traction you could just buy another kit which might be enough for your application.