Tank tread woes

I purchased the tank tread kit and I am having excessive troubles connecting it to my squarebot. I followed the directions that come with the kit and have the treads mounted on the plates but for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out how to attach the treads to the squarebot assembly and have motors running to the tread drivers. I’ve even tried drirect driving from the moter (no gears) but I always seem to back myself into a mechanical corner.

To very poorly quote a line from Star Trek … “Darn it! I’m an Electrical Enginner Jim not a Mechanical Engineer!” (Yes, I have a degree in Electrical Engineering).

Could anyone post some pictures of the mechanism by which you’ve connected the tread kit to the standard squarebot assembly?

Please kind in mind that I only have the starter kit and the thread kit. I have no other parts to muck about with.


Use the shortest threaded beam which is 1/2in or 1/4 in if bought separately and make sure u use a good 8(each side) for support from the plate to the square bot then use a 3 in rod from the motor to the tank tread
note:i would try the 1/4in because its more likely to work cause there will be enough room to put a drive shaft on the rod and still be able to keep the tread on

To use the tank treads just imagine the large toothed grey driving wheels as wheels. Put those large grey wheels one on the out from the motor and the other at the other end of your robot. Then attach a couple of bogey wheels, and then attach the tread. You may have to shorten it a little bit.

Pull off the Squarebot’s 2.75" wheels, put on the tank sprockets. Put on the treads. Ignore the bogey wheels. The tank sprockets plus treads are about 2.5" in diameter.

I think that will work just fine. If there is a problem it will be that the 60-tooth gears attached directly to the motors will be dragging on the ground.

PS: If you really want the bogey wheels in the robot (so that it looks more tank-ish), I can try again with different advice.

You can go to our website at the bottom of this post and see some videos of our first treaded robot for ideas.

We have alot of videos and a few of our tread robots