Tank Treads for tipping point

Hi All. I was just wondering if anyone has tried tank treads with sprockets, because My team has omni wheels, but we are wondering if we should switch over. All we want to know is if 2 motors is enough(One on each side) to get up the see-saw, and does it get stuck on rings? We have very little practice time normally, so doing a change like that, and it failing is not good while in a weekly league. Thank you All!

  1. Don’t use tank tread on drives in VEX. Omni is superior in almost every way.
  2. Always have at least 4 motor on drive, getting stuck on rings depend more on how you design your drive, rather than how many motors you have.

But they’re so much cooler…


I would actually like to see how they do driving over rings.

You can go with tank treads as long as you have side skirts over them. And watch out so you dont throw a track


What do you think about the see-saw? I just want to make sure that it has the traction and power.

Ground contact and traction might increase depending on how well you stay level with the ground