Tank treads...how to make them move faster

Ok, so we have our robot moving by tank treads, which are just hooked up to teh motor. How can you make the treads move at maximum speed???

Gear 'em up: https://vexforum.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=72&catid=popimages. At direct-drive you are going about 1 foot per second. You might start by trying a 60-tooth gear driving a 36-tooth (1 to 1.67), for about 1.7fps. Good luck.

The Vex speed chart is pretty easy to use. You need to know three things: the number of teeth on your input gear or sprocket, the number of teeth on the gear or sprocket attached to your drive axle, and the size of the wheel (or, for tracks, that you are using the track drive wheel.)

For example, you have a robot with a 60-tooth gear driving a 12-tooth gear with a 2.75" wheel. You look at the chart with a “Driving Size” of 60, a “Driven Size” of 12, and then read across to the column headed ‘2.75" Wheel’. You can read a nominal speed of 6 feet per second. You will also note that at this gear ratio and this speed that the box is red – meaning that your robot will be heavily straining its motors at this gearing. We’ve built one robot that worked with this gearing, but it was ultralight and went through a lot of clutches. The Green=safe, Yellow=caution, and Red=Not advisable color code is a good guide. Our competition robots this year are all in the yellow range.

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