Tank treads slipping out of groove

Has anyone came up with a good way to keep the tank tread flaps to stay put and not slide out of their groove? Some of our flaps seem worse than others, but in general, they slide out too easily for the amount of stress we are putting on them.

I think it happens over time as the flaps age, other than that there is not realistic solution to keep the flaps in, other than using new flaps, and leaving them untouched. To prevent the flaps from coming out during the match, you should have make sure flaps are straight in your pre match checklist

jank rubber band solution or zipties

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i would say tape but using it for flaps count it as functional so zip ties or rubber bands is the only reasonable way to do it

It would be very hard, but possible to put lexan pieces on the flap holders to keep the flaps in. An easier solution would be to put one of the thin axles on the omni wheel rollers in the holder, and the to shove the flaps in. This would give greater compression on the holder part, but I don’t know if this would work.